The fourth section activity, which involved creating a video in place of an essay or a more traditional submission format, was by far the most technically challenging activity I undertook. I have only made a few videos before this assignment, but none of which were to this extent or this complicated. I think what was unique about my video was how it is embedded into the e-portfolio itself with the underlaid music video and the three floating heads above it. In all of the assignments for this course, I opted to challenge my creative abilities and try to have my e-portfolio being an active piece in how I told stories. I think my section four activity displays that the most.

In addition to the technically challenging visual component, the class-related content my partners and I discussed in the video was also an exciting experience. Of all the section activities, this was the most closely tied to my interests. As a result, the entire experience felt academically fulfilling and worthwhile to explore the artists I'm inspired by. My participation in this course has provided me ample opportunities to build my website design and building skills, which I have been fortunate enough to put into use for other class projects such as my Atomic Scars exhibit.