Before beginning assignment two, my biggest personal hangup with the project was the partner aspect. While my partner and I are still in the brainstorming and sourcing phase of our essay, it is already evident how important a partner has been to this project. Being able to work with a partner has made observations easier to note, to work through, and to expand on. Additionally, being with a partner has allowed my ideas to develop through collaboration and become more than just my opinions and thoughts. For example, if I were alone in Starbucks, I would have missed numerous subtle details and important conclusions if I wasn’t able to communicate the seeds of my ideas with my partner. One initial challenge my partner and I faced was simply finding a time that worked for both of us. While this is not a huge issue, it is something I don’t typically deal with when working independently. It will be something I have to consider in future group projects. Finally, reflecting on the work that I have done so far alongside my partner has both made the project more accessible and more complicated. It has been easier to go deeper with ideas with a partner, but it has equally challenging to find a compromise in my writing process.