I’ve always viewed myself as a socially balanced person, drawing from a full breadth of interpersonal relationships to fulfill my self and those around me. I have my housemates for the shenanigans, my friends for the chaos, my hometown buddies for ridiculous reminiscing about who is the “deepest cut” from high school, Jen and Layla to remind me to be a better person, and at the very core my family to mold and shape me into the best version of myself. At the start of the BMW survey, I assumed that by the end of the questioning, I would have the results that reflect how I expected my worlds would reflect how I feel I interact with them. My college world aligned most cleary with my expectations and the common words associated with my college world, and my family world made sense. Beyond those two worlds, my other spheres were less interconnected, which at first confused me. Still, upon further reflection, I believe my natural compartmentalizing of my life is the cause of that.

The “Who Helps you?” portion of the survey was the biggest eye-opener for me. Along the same lines of having a diverse group of friends and support network, I assumed that those who help would be just as diverse to reflect my worlds and my life. However, as the questions rolled by and more and more of my answers were either my mother, sister, or brother, it became clear how central my family is to who I am now and who I will be in the future.